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Teacher Training

Mini Musicians provide training for nursery, primary & secondary school teachers to teach the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for Music effectively. The majority of nursery and primary schools do not have qualified music teachers available to teach music aspects of the curriculum to children and while music can still be fun with this group, it can be difficult to be highly effective. Teachers may struggle to think of ways in order to make the music curriculum fun and engaging – we aim to help teachers develop their innovative and creative skills. 
Many teachers working in early childhood settings do not feel confident teaching music, believing they lack the requisite knowledge and skills to plan and teach music effectively. We have created specifically designed training courses and schemes of work aimed to give teachers a step by step guide to teaching fun, exciting and engaging music lessons. We can then help your teachers produce comprehensive and high standard schemes of work, to ensure that pupils will enjoy their music education, are stretched during lessons and that they reach their full potential during each and every lesson.
The delivery of music in early childhood settings is often viewed as being unsatisfactory due to early childhood programs lacking in musical direction.  We cater each training course depending on the level of musicality of the teachers involved.  From the very basics in music to much more complex techniques, we help to inspire teachers to use their creative side. We ensure that all teachers have a much clearer understanding of the music curriculum, to increase their confidence, enthusiasm for music and have an enjoyment of teaching music across the ability spectrum.
Mini Musicians provide training and support to teachers to ensure they are confident and capable of teaching music to children both inside and beyond the curriculum. This ensures that children can meet and exceed targets that are expected from them which in turn improves the performance of your school/nursery.  This improvement in music education positively improves other areas of a child's development including maths and language skills.
If you are interested in arranging a consultation to discuss the music training needs at your school or nursery then please contact Mini Musicians Teacher Training.