Our Services

  1. Nursery Music Education
  2. After School Music Clubs
  3. Baby Music Classes
  4. Teacher Training
  5. Music Therapy
  1. Primary School Music Education
  2. School Musical Productions
  3. Toddler Music Classes
  4. Behaviour Management
  5. Developmental Musical Activities

Primary School Music Education

Mini Musicians work with Primary Schools to create a fun, exciting learning environment where pupils can thrive and meet their full musical potential.  All of our lessons are specifically designed to allow children to progress in line with the early years foundation stage.

Children will learn to use a variety of tuned and untuned instruments to create their own unique pieces of music.  Children will gain confidence in performing together as groups and develop their solo performing skills.  The will learn how to interpret music and enjoy and identify a variety of musical genres. 

We ensure all of our lessons are engaging and exciting and that the needs of each individual child is met.  We understand that every child is unique and learn at different rates and this is carefully incorporated into our lesson planning.  The use of drama and dance in our lessons allow children to thrive and become confident, happy and very capable performers. 


School Choirs

Mini Musicians can help you form school or class choirs. School choirs not only improve a childs singing ability but help develop teamworking, communication, collaboration and presentation skills.