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Developmental Musical Activities

Like all of the best learning experiences in early childhood, musical activities simultaneously promote development in multiple domains. Just singing lullabies to a baby while rocking them can promote early language development and can promote their special awareness as the child experiences their body moving in open space.

Music helps to develop social and emotional skills. When children experience music through singing, dancing and playing instruments, by its very nature this is a social experience. It can develop their self esteem, develop cultural awareness, help them to learn to self soothe and learn to share and take turns as they work together.

Music helps to develop physical motor skills. From the use of the muscles in the lips when singing to the use of the muscles in the hands to play percussion instruments, music is a physical activity. At Mini Musicians we believe in music being active and we love to use dancing and role play in our sessions.

Music quite naturally provides opportunities to practice patterns, math concepts, and symbolic thinking skills, all in the context of a joyful noise - which makes it an attractive, engaging activity for very young children. There are many ways to participate in music experiences and so they are easily adapted for a range of developmental levels and abilities.

At Mini Musicians we absolutely recognise the link between music and a childs development. We aim to maximise this through a varied range of activities and differentiated teaching techniques.