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Behaviour Management

An increasing number of pupils across the UK are becoming more difficult to manage due to a wide variety of reasons. We have developed expertise in both classroom management techniques and one-on-one behaviour management techniques to enable teachers to strengthen their relationship with each individual pupil and to minimise the impact of difficult behaviour situations.

Good behaviour management is essential in order for the learning to be effective and successful.  We specialise in developing behaviour management strategies using techniques suited to all types of learning environment.

Teachers have to deal with such a wide variety of children from a diverse range of backgrounds and with varying needs that behavioural issues in the classroom are becoming more challenging each year.  We aim to work with teachers to develop effective strategies to deal with the variety of pupils they teach.  Understanding that each child is different and individual is essential.  Many teachers do not have a clear understanding of conditions such as Autism and Dyslexia.  Understanding the daily challenges children with Special Educational Needs face is imperative and can prevent behavioural issues arising.  This is also the case for children who are gifted and talented.  We have specifically developed techniques which will help teachers to manage mixed ability groups and get the most from each and every child.