Our Services

  1. Nursery Music Education
  2. After School Music Clubs
  3. Baby Music Classes
  4. Teacher Training
  5. Music Therapy
  1. Primary School Music Education
  2. School Musical Productions
  3. Toddler Music Classes
  4. Behaviour Management
  5. Developmental Musical Activities

After School Music Clubs

Mini Musicians produce engaging, exciting and educational after school music clubs.  We ensure that Mini Musicians After School Clubs care for your children after normal school hours and advance their musical skills as well to giving them a head start in their music education.
All of our after school music clubs follow the early years foundation in music and incorporate a wide variety of music techniques, instruments and experiences.  We learn about all different types of music varying from Reggae to Classical to Pop.
We can create a school choir or musical ensemble for your school as well as putting together musical productions for the various festivals and celebrations throughout the year. 
We provide pre-school and lunchtime music clubs so that there is always an opportunity for your child to participate in Mini Musicians Music Club.