Mini Musicians

Mini Musicians is a unique and inspiring way to introduce your babies, toddlers and young children to music to ensure that they become accomplished and confident musicians. We provide a structured, fun, learning environment where pupils can develop and progress in line with the early years foundation stage.

Studies have shown that introducing children to formalised music training is the best way to develop their brain in order to maximise their development potential and to create the stars of the future. Early music training develops musical skills and has also been shown to develop mathematical, reasoning, communication and creative skills.

Learning is broken into stages so that we can cater to the needs of each individual child. Mini Musicians will ensure that a passion for music is developed from a very early age and childrens talents are nurtured right from the start. Mini Musicians only use fully qualified music teachers to teach our music classes to ensure the highest possible standards of teaching are adhered to. This ensures that whatever a child's development stage from special educational needs through to gifted and talented, we can cater for all.

Mini Musicians classes are available at nursery's, primary schools, secondary schools, soft play area &, birthday parties. If your nursery or school doesn't currently offer Mini Musicians, why not ask them to consider it. Please contact Mini Musicians to find your nearest class.